Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm a bit loath to try another joke, seeing as no one thought my last effort funny! Anyway, I'm sure I heard Billy Connolly tell this one (and, of course, he tells it better than I ever could!):

This man comes into the doctor's surgery. "Who are you?" says the doctor as the man enters.

"I'm a moth," promptly replies the man.
"You're a moth? What makes you think that you're a moth?"

I don't think I'm a moth. I AM a moth!"

"Let's get this straight," says the doctor with a concerned tone in his voice. "You believe that you are a moth?"

"I don't believe that I am a moth. I AM a moth!"

The doctor looks him in the eye and says, "If you're a moth, then you should go and see a psychiatrist. Why did you come here?
The man replied, "I was going past your window when I saw your light was on!"
(PS I know that the picture above is not of a moth but of some sort of Tasmanian butterfly (the Meadow Argus) - because I took the photo! However, I posted it to try to help with the humour!)

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