Friday, October 23, 2009

The Bananaman Gets My Vote!

A friend lent me a book by Ray Comfort called The Way of the Master. I'm only up to page 57, so I won't yet comment on the book. Perhaps when I'm finished reading it... Mind you, I quite liked his Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution book. I also like the fact that Ray Comfort gives away free DVD's and CD's with his books!

Anyway, why am I'm blogging about Ray Comfort? Well, I was "Googling" Ray Comfort to try to find out what he's all about when I noticed that he wants to debate Richard Dawkins (who allegedly refers to Ray Comfort as "an ignorant fool.")

Ray has apparently offered Dawkins $10,000 for the pleasure of his company in a debate. I think that amount has been upped to $20,000. But alas! Mr Dawkins keeps on declining! (Big fearty!)

I just think it would be a real treat to see two people with no (formal) theological training debate theology! (Theo(s) = God, logy = subject of study or interest). Mind you, clearly Ray has studied and is interested in God a lot more than Richard has and is!

Therefore, should this debate ever come about, my money (not that I'm a gambling man!) is on Ray any day! The "Bananaman" has my vote!

Find out more about "The Banana Man" and what he is all about by clicking the following:

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