Saturday, October 31, 2009

Books, Books, & More Books!

Apologies, I was away on the Darling Downs for a few days!

I mentioned in my previous blog that I was reading Ray Comfort's The Way of the Master. The edition I'm reading goes for about 343 pages. So far, so good. I was going great guns with it (I'm now at page 233) until I picked up Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Man, what a page-turning, ripping yarn that one is! How does he know all that technical stuff about modern scientific technology? Gadgets and gizmos! Masons and mysteries! Murder and mayhem! Decoys and distractions! I'm up to page 199 of the 509 paged hard cover edition.

I wish I could read faster. I wish I could remember a lot more of what I read! While reading these two books I am trying to write a piece expounding The Apostles' Creed.

All was going well (sort of - and of course, I was ripping through the Book of Psalms at the same time as all of this!)) until I got home late Friday afternoon and found that a copy of Alexander Tait's The Cup had arrived on my doostep all the way from bonnie Scotland. Ray and Dan are going to have to wait until I've read The Cup.

You see, Alexander Tait is a friend of mine (okay, call me a name-dropper). Anyway, some of you who bother to read my blogs will also know Alexander Tait as Billy Scobie fae the Vale. I immensely enjoyed his previous book Whisky in the Jar - about agoraphobia, illicit whisky distilling on Loch Lomondside, among other things - a great read!

Anyway, maybe sometime in the future I'll blog about each of the books I've mentioned thus far (if I ever finish my present reading regime!)

O, and check out The Apostles' Creed. Then maybe you'll be interested in reading my exposition of it (if I ever get around to finishing it - what, with all these books I have to read!)

Ah, it's great to be back in my comfy blog chair - warp factor four, Scotty!

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