Wednesday, November 4, 2009


(Photos by Neil Cullan McKinlay)
A while back I blogged about a major telephone company in Australia wanting to charge its customers $2.50 just for paying their bill! Well, I'm pleased to announce that Telstra (Australia) has scrapped that as a bad idea.

Has this company of robbers seen the light? Has it had a road to Damascus conversion? Has it clothed itself in sackloth, dust and ashes? Has it repented of its breaking of the 8th Commandment (the one about not stealing)? Well, er, no! From what I can determine it has no moral conscience whatsoever. It was merely charging its customers $2.50 in order to try to dissuade them paying their debts in cold, hard, jingling cash. See, Telstra simply wants its customers to go electronic!

Poor old granny and grandad!

"Granny, Telstra wants ye tae pay yer bills oan-line?"

"Eh? Whit's a' this aboot bills oan the washin' line?"

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