Saturday, September 26, 2009


"Has anyone seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge?" The eastern seaboard of Australia was hit by a dust-storm that was enough to out-do David Copperfield. Yes, he might be able to make a jumbo-jet disappear, but the Sydney-siders had their old "Coathanger" removed! As the French Canadians say, "They turned around, and there it was, gone!"

Brisbane is 1,000 kilometres north of Sydney. Our city too turned sepia! Same with Cairns which is 1700 kilometres north of Brisbane!

There I was (in Brisbane) hanging out a load of washing (domesticated bloke that I am!) As I was pegging away I was thinking that I was in for some good drying - what, with the wind that was starting to whip up. Next thing the daylight turned a pale shade of eerie! Our wee white Westie came in from the outside looking more like a Cairn Terrier as to colouration!

"They" are telling us not to be too quick to wash our cars as "they" are expecting another dust storm (Brisbane water restrictions are being relaxed for a few days so that we can wash the place!) "The Grapes of Wrath" - "Of Mice and Men" or what!

If I remember correctly this used to happen to Winnipeg every year as the winds trasported the farmers topsoil into the city for free back in the 80's when we lived there.

As usual the alarmist media has to inject the ominous into the already ionized Aussie atmosphere. Would you know it, a lot of the red dust-blanket came from a(n) uranium mine! This must be the reason why our wee dust-covered Westie started to glow when it got dark!

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