Monday, September 14, 2009


Filmed by Nina - Words & Music by Neil Cullan McKinlay
There came a Shepherd long ago,
Searching for His sheep.
He will not rest till all His flock
Is safely in His keep.
With open arms He calls to them
His voice is soft yet clear.
And they come home to Him again.
The Shepherd loves them dear.
Good Shepherd I will heed Your call,
For this I must confess:
I cannot find my own way out
Of this darkened wilderness.
And all along the narrow path
in through the narrow gate
came dirty fleeces, all His flock
in such a sorry state
for all had wandered to the place
He'd told them not to go
the Shepherd took them one by one
and made them as white as snow.
Good Shepherd will You cleanse me too?
for this I must confess
those scarlet sins that stain my soul
have left my life a mess.
And with the storm there came the wolf
to maim, destroy and steal
the little flock just stood its ground
at the Shepherd's heel.
as a mother hen protects her young
beneath a wing so warm
the Shepherd's voice, His loving care
are shelter from the storm.
Good Shepherd I will cling to You
for this I must confess
without the refuge of Your love
I know no happiness!

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