Monday, September 21, 2009


I heard a great joke the other day:

A man wandered into a Pentecostal Church. It was all arms waving in the air and yelling and cheering (like when Scotland scores a goal at Hampden - for those who don't know!)

At a certain point in the service the bloke at the front invited people to come up so that he could pray for them.

A man came up, having a real worried look on his face. "What's your problem?" inquired the preacher. "My hearing," replied the awfully worried looking man.

So off the preacher man went dancing around waving his arms in the air and working himself into a right lather while repeating "Yabba, dabba, doo!" (or whatever it is they say in these places when they're supposed to be praying!)

After all the theatrics (and the laying on of hands all over the worried man), the preacher finally pauses for breath and looks the worried man in the eye and puffing away he says, "What about that hearing?"

"Yes," replies the worried man, "It's on Wednesday!"

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