Saturday, November 7, 2009


(Words, Music, & Performed by Neil Cullan McKinlay - Filmed by Nina)

It's been a while, but I still mind

Fond memories bring me joy!

For on your banks I was inclined

To wander as a boy

Skiffing stones the whole day through

Or just gazing at your islands

Panoramic is the view

The gateway to the Highlands.


Your clear sparkling water

Fills my heart with pride

While the braes of Ben Lomond

Stand guard by your side

I always will love you

Though I'm far from your shore

I miss you Loch Lomond

I'll see you once more

(2nd Verse)

Fish without fins, waves without winds

There's a floating island too

Bracken brown, ferny green

Purple heather hue

Do greylag geese still make their home

Round by Drumkinnon Bay?

Wild Capercaillie's echo fades

As I grow old and grey


1 comment:

  1. Linda música, que Deus abençõe a sua vida amado irmão. God bless!