Thursday, November 12, 2009


I see that the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences is holding a conference on alien life - astrobiology.

I ask: Would the discovery of biological life somewhere "out there" sound the death-knell for Christianity? Or, to put it another way, would biological life on other planets be evidence, nay, let's put more strongly, would it prove biological evolution?

Romanism wavers (havers?), equivocating somewhat on biological evolution:

"Concerning biological evolution, the [Roman] Church does not have an official position on whether various life forms developed over the course of time. However, it says that, if they did develop, then they did so under the impetus and guidance of God, and their ultimate creation must be ascribed to him."

Two bob each way!

For argument's sake, let's say some strange critters were discovered slithering, or swimming, or hopping, or climbing, (or whatever alien critters do), around somewhere in a galaxy far, far away, then what would this be evidence of? Does it prove anything?

Presupposition: Biological life on earth evolved out of slime... Hold it! What's the presupposition? It's that IF biological life evolved out of slime on earth, THEN it could happen elswhere in the universe. You see, as part of this worldview all that is needed for this to happen are the right conditions.

Think about the above paragraph. There's a whole lot of presupposing going on, is there not?

Please notice that biological life on earth does not prove anything. And neither would the discovery of biological life outside the planet earth prove a thing! All that would happen is that the ears of your presuppositions would be tickled. In other words, it's all in the mind!

Did God create other planets, perhaps similar to this one? Did God create biological life on other planets? Well, why don't we keep on firing our wee probes and rockets into space and keep on looking. But don't tell me that anything we find "out there" is going to prove that biological life grew out of pond scum, or that man evolved from molecules...

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