Sunday, June 6, 2010


Is it just here in Brisbane or is it everywhere else, but what's with the one lane, two lane, one lane roads they're building for us? What's wrong with leaving us with two lanes in each direction?

Reducing two lanes to one for short distances? All they're doing is building "hoon" lanes that serve only to further frustrate already frustrated drivers (not that I'm one of those!) Sure, roads cost money, tax-payer's money. But I wonder about the intelligence behind the concept of reducing two lanes to one for a mere few yards or metres only to have it increase back to two lanes on already overcrowded Brisbane roads.

While we're at it, what's with the planners in the new housing estates? Do they try hard to get us lost in their mazes of illogical chicaneries and dead-end streets? I'm sure they take their baby two-year old's scribbly drawings off their fidges and use them as templates to plan where their going to put streets in these new housing complexes!

These same streets are the ones with the big concrete "traffic calmers" on them, you know, the objects that, in the interest of "safety" are purposely planted in the middle of the road! If you don't know what I'm talking about, visualize those things in the middle of the road that are really hard to see on dark, wet nights (especially when headlights are coming towards you).

A favourite poem springs to mind. It sums up the angst I'm feeling. Robert Burn's "Epigram On the Roads":

I've now arrived, thanks to the gods!
Thro' pathways rough and muddy,
A certain sign that making roads
Is not this people's study.
And tho' I'm not with Scripture crammed,
I'm sure the Bible says,
That heedless sinners shall be damned
Unless they mend their ways.

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