Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cracking the Great Egg Mystery

This study is not an eggs-act science, but the other night in the supermarket I opened up different egg containers (free-range, barn laid, organic etc.) as part of a two-minute study I'm doing on three nations and their attitude towards eggs. The three nations studied are: Scotland, Canada, and Australia.

The Scots just like eggs. Give them brown eggs or white eggs (or any shades in between), they'll eat them; along with their Irish or Danish bacon, square sausage, black pudding, and tattie scones.

However (and here's where the study gets really interesting), the Canadians are not into brown eggs! They eat only white eggs with their back bacon, hash browns, and pancakes drizzled with thick maple syrup.

The Australians? Their eggs have to be brown. They eat only brown eggs with their bacon, sausages and toast covered in vegemite!

Data so far?

1. Scots' eggs = brown and white (and various shades in between).

2. Canucks' eggs = white only.

3. Aussies' eggs = brown (and various shades of brown).

Having analysed the data my conclusion is as follows: New study needed into

a) How the Scots get their hens to lay white and brown eggs.

b) How the Canucks get their chickens to lay only white eggs.

c) How the Aussies get their chooks to lay only brown eggs.

Watch this space for results of the new study...

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