Monday, June 14, 2010

Chicken Checking

So there I was at church yesterday morning, and who should show up but a chicken farmer! It's great when interesting people visit! Anyway, I got talking to him over a cup of tea after the service. Checking chickens out...

Turns out that white hens lay white eggs and brown hens lay brown eggs! Who would have thought? Mind you, I did, but I was thinking that this couldn't possibly be right!

Apparently, after a study done in 1988 (the result of which showed that Aussies preferred brown eggs over white eggs) Australia switched to brown, black, and speckled hens. I guess Rhode Island Reds fit the bill.

In Scotland there is the notion that brown eggs are somehow better for you. In Canadian supermarkets you don't get the choice. It's either white or it's nothing, zero, zip, goose eggs?

In Australian supermarkets your choice is of various shades of brown with not a white egg in sight. Of course, while in Australia Canadians and Scots who prefer white eggs could aways look around for some backyard egg salesman for the odd white egg. Just look for white hens in the driveway!

For some reason I've now got a craving for a white egg with a wee rampant lion stamped on it! What's with Scottish eggs having having a lion stamped on them? Well, it's to show that they are goverment approved, I think!

Enough on eggs!

But before we leave this subject: What came first, the chicken or the egg? Watch this space for the answer...

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