Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lonesome Train

As a bit of light comic relief I thought I would post this video of myself trying to sing and play guitar at the same time. Not an easy feat - for me!

My daughter Nina did the videoing on my wee Kodak Digital Camera. It kind of looks like something out of a Chinese Kung-Fu movie, what, with my lips out of sinc with the vocals etc.

Anyway, this is just an experiment with a view to more adventurous future Blogging.

The song is an original by me, and is called Lonesome Train.

Nina says we should try and do a proper job of it, with railway stations in the background etc. So, next time I'll brush my teeth and hair, and I'll put on my cleanest Country and Western shirt!

Words for: LONESOME TRAIN (Neil Cullan McKinlay)

I felt at the wicket from the price of the ticket
I was witness to a serious crime.
As I turned and shook my head the stationmaster said,
"Good grief! The train is on time!"
Is it predestination when your train leaves the station
and journeys to some place new?
Or is it just a bore when you've seen it all before
like some permanent deja vu?

Lonesome train... Take me away!

Is it providence or fate when you enter through the gate
to find your train standing on the wrong track?
Does your heart skip a beat when you notice that your seat
has got your name printed on a gold plaque?
With a teardrop in your eye you smile and wave goodbye,
you're trying to escape from your mind,
but on the rack above your head there's a suitcase filled with dread,
you packed the things you should have left behind.

Lonesome train... Take me away!

You've got to travel fast to escape a shady past
but the present always hangs around,
the future's always near but it never gets that clear
when you don't know where your train is bound.
You won't clean out your mind you're afraid you're going to find
some thought that's going to cause you pain,
but the world still passes by out the corner of your eye
when you sit aboard that Lonesome Train.

Lonesome Train... Take me away to a bright new day
It's a bright new day!


  1. Hey! Nach math a rinn thu! We are really impressed here. A star is born again! Shorn again, even! Who is this lean mean singin machine before us? Cum ort, a bhalaich! Tha an t-oran seo ag obair math fhèin. Tha mi 'n dochas gun cluinn sinn tuilleadh dhen a leithid...

  2. Love both songs. I look forward to buying the "Singing Padre" CD. Congratulations to you all on the birth of Tristan (or Wullie as Graham is calling him) he looks gorgeous and scrummy.

  3. Neil,

    I thought to myself I’ve heard this song before, then I remember I was at your place when Nina was taping Lonesome Train. I would to make a request could you put on your blogg your No. 1 Hit ….wait for it….’Oh Bonnie Scotland here to stay hay hay’. I don’t know the title but you know the one I mean. You are being aired in Ayr!!!!

  4. Hi Liz!

    Obviously you made it back safe and sound to sunny Ayrshire.

    Nina and I are trying set up a time to record. I'll make "Bonnie Scotland, Here to Stay" a priority as I look forward to airing in Ary. The last performance of the number in Ayrshire was in the Head Inn in Ochiltree back in '85.

    PS We got the new carpets throughout today. Looking good!