Monday, August 24, 2009

GOD'S LAW OR CHAOS - Scotland Chooses Chaos!

As our troops fight terrorists overseas, even laying down their very lives to protect the freedom and peace we enjoy at home, what is happening at home? Well, er, the Justice Secretary of Scotland is releasing lawfully convicted murderers!

The guilty Lockerbie Bomber who sent 270 innocent civilians to their deaths was given a hero’s welcome when he arrived to backslapping fanfare in Libya. Apparently, all that is needed for an early release from Scottish prisons is proof of a terminal illness.

The slippery slope to this Secular Humanistic (read Atheistic) form of (non-) justice begins with the removal of the maximum penalty for murder, ie, the death penalty. What is the rationale for not putting to death those who are lawfully convicted of murder? Well, it’s certainly not found in the Christian model of justice.

Yet, were one to read the Scottish newspapers one would see many bleeding-heart liberals claiming that the release of Scotland’s worst mass murderer was the Christian thing to do! Even the unrepentant homosexual-lifestyle-promoting Church of Scotland was in on the act, wanting the early release of this supposedly life-serving hater of humanity!

Scotland, it seems, has moved very far from its Christian roots as evidenced in allowing its Justice Secretary to thumb his nose at justice! Hopefully Scotland will wake up, open its collective eyes and see that this act of injustice is the disintegration of all hope of a coherent society.

As the bumper-sticker puts it: God’s Law or Chaos. Scotland, to its shame, has chosen chaos.


  1. Executing mass murderers is one thing. Executing (or imprisoning for life) someone FRAMED for being a mass murderer is something entirely different. THAT is the basis of the compassion talked about by MacAskill, though he is restrained by his office from spelling this out. New evidence has arisen, but by the time an appeal would be heard (and even were such to prove successful) Megahi would be dead. I, along with a massive number of Scots (maybe the majority) agree with Kenny MacAskill the Scottish Justice Secretary on this. We strongly suspect a deliberate miscarriage of justice overseen by the upper echelons in the US and UK. MacAskill has shown extreme moral courage in facing down cynical public (and who knows what private) superpower intimidation on this matter. He and the Scottish Government have taken a costly stand for justice and for truth. I have no doubt they will be vindicated as what actually took place comes increasingly to light.

  2. In my Blog article I was only dealing with principles and not politics. A convicted mass murderer has been released from prison by the Scottish Justice Sceretary on "compassionate" grounds. THIS is an injustice.

    Now, if the real and truthful reason for Magrahi's release is because he is innocent and was framed, then, going on the same principles, (ie, the Christian principles that I was Blogging about) what is all this nonsense and spin about "compassionion"? Therefore, when is MacKaskill - as the Scottish Justice Secretary - telling the truth?

    Was Magrhi freed on compassionate grounds or was he freed because he is innocent? Sure, it will all come out in the wash, but surely telling the TRUTH NOW would be the safest and simplest way to go! It would be the Christian thing to do. Otherwise Scottish Justice is what's going oot the windie!