Sunday, April 3, 2016

DONALD TRUMP: Explaining the Phenomenom

Donald Trump is hard to define. Presently he is constantly being attacked left, right and centre but he’s still standing. Why? Well, for a start, the attacks are making him stronger! (not least of all in the eyes of his supporters). It’s like a martial-arts’ expert using his opponent’s force of momentum to his own advantage. Obviously this would be a great quality for any president to have! Resilience. Trump seems to sap his critics of their power. Nay, they are actually feeding power into The Donald’s power-grid! How so?
The West has two lethal enemies working hand in hand at the moment, viz., Islamic terrorism and Political Correctness. The latter means that the Left (primarily) does not allow you even to talk about the former. It’s just “terrorism”. Talk about the blind leading the blind, whether the terrorism is Presbyterian or Islamist is neither here nor there for those who religiously follow the false religion of Political Correctness. One is left to wonder where there are Presbyterians walking around with bomb-vests that we need to be watching out for! Ludicrous! The PC extremists simply spray with vitriol anyone who tries to talk about the-elephant-in-the-room. This insanity is exactly what is feeding energy into the Trump power-grid.
The Left along with the so-called “Establishment Republicans” attack him with the same failed and hackneyed tactics of trying to paint him as some sort of Racist, Islamophobic Misogynist. Talk about “the boy who cried ‘wolf’”? Surely the Trump opponents are not unaware that this just strengthens and adds to Trump’s vast following? This is exactly what the Trump movement is reacting against. For this kind of attempt at ad hominem character assassination through demonization is the application of Political Correctness. Confused? Let me explain further.
Politicians use “guarded speech” and "careful language", which is to say that they end up saying nothing of substance by using Political Correctness to avoid attack from political opponents, also including the media. Donald Trump does the opposite of this. He talks like a “normal’ human being would talk about “normal” issues facing the world today, e.g., Islamic Terrorism; Border Control and the interrelation of these to each other among other things. The Left wishes to red-paint him as Islamophobic and Racist etc. and the so-called “Establishment Republicans” portray him as “un-presidential”. They condescendingly wish for Trump to become more “presidential”. However, what the Trump supporters hear the “Establishment” saying by these actions is that Trump needs to become more Politically Correct – with its attendant guarded speech where no one really knows what you are saying exactly). However, they all forget that in the age of the Internet anyone can replay what Trump actually said and not what the Left wants you to think he said. Yes, and Trump’s following can be bothered looking these things up on the Web!) Thus the Trump numbers keep on being added to and his opponents are left wearing the emperor’s new clothes.
The Trump phenomenon is a movement against controlled-thought commonly known as Political Correctness. To his followers Trump represents the removal of that which has shackled free speech in America and indeed the rest of the West for far too long.
Trump politics is an uprising against Political Correctness. The more the Left and “establishment Republicans” use it to try to stop him, the more power they give to Donald Trump and his vast army of believers.
Even if Donald Trump fails to become the next president of the United States of America his run for office will be seen as the beginning of the downfall of that which has caused the West (i.e., Political Correctness) to expose a soft underbelly to all enemies of individual freedom, be they Islamist, Socialist (and its attendant spooky spectre, i.e.,Communism).

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