Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Angels (& Endoscopes!)

Went for an endoscope (gastroscopy) today. As I sat in the hospital waiting room I read Daniel chapters 9-10. I pondered the two angels mentioned there, viz., Gabriel and Michael, the arch-angel. Wow! Strange critters are angels! Sent to help us apparently.

I then "changed the channel" on my Kindle device, switching to Abraham Kuyper's book "God's Angels." In the chapter I was reading Kuyper deals with the nonsensical view put forth by some that Genesis 6:4 teaches that angels are able to marry women and father children! Kuper systematically dismantles this erroneous but very popular understanding.

Then I was wheeled in for my wee operation and subsequently was knocked out. Zzzzzz. I saw a beautiful face as I opened my eyes again. "Are you okay?" she asked. "Yes!" I replied. "I was dreaming, I was dreaming of angels!" Can't say I saw a ladder from Heaven to Earth with angels descending and ascending on it! Can't say I saw Gabriel or the arch-angel Michael. I only know that my dream was a sweet one!

The bottom line is that angels are sent to serve God's people. It's good to know they were present as I was anesthetised and had a camera shoved down my throat! If something had gone wrong and I had died they would have with no detours taken me straight to Heaven! Thank You Lord for angels (and for the wonders of modern medical technology)!

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