Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness?

I've just got back from an outdoors expedition where I didn't get to bathe or change any clothes for days. For others at the same exercise it was weeks! "Ripe" might be the soft adjective!
Observation: When I lived in Canada it was impossible to buy anything but white eggs from the supermarkets!
In Australia I think I have yet to see anything other than a brown egg in any of the the supermarkets. Yes, we've got barn-laid, free-range, organic, etc., etc., eggs. There's every other sale's gimmick for eggs, but still not a white egg in sight! (By the way, in Australia you can tell the organic eggs because they are the ones that still have bits of chicken droppings sticking to them!)
Observation: In Canada public toilet doors invariably open outwards. In Australia they invariably open inwards!

Observation: Sadly not everyone who uses public conveniences washes their hands!

Problem: How to open public toilet doors! It seems to me that those hand blow-dryers (if they are actually working) are a deterent to washing hands. They take too long and are useless if you have to wait to use one. I like the facilities that have paper towels. I can also utilize them to open doors avoiding the bare touch.

Question: Am I being too much like "Monk" in the old TV show?
Comment: When I read Leviticus (written some three and a half thousand years ago or whatever), I see that God deems our cleanliness and personal hygene as important in preventing the spread of disease among other things.

Comment: The phrase "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" no doubt has its source in the Bible. Of course it does! However, it apparently comes through the pens of Francis Bacon and then John Wesley in one of his sermons.
Observation: I reckon Canada with its white eggs and outward opening "wash room" doors has to be the more Godlier!
Solution: I might be walking on egg shells here, but please think about these things before you shake my hand!

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