Wednesday, May 25, 2016



Grass, long grass, spear grass,

Prickly seeds pierce my feet,

My legs, my buttocks.

Ticks, mosquitos, spiders and snakes,

Five-inch “toe-biter” insect,

A giant water bug with pincers!

And a Queensland bird-eating spider.

Sleeping-bag entered slowly!

Moonlit nights, shooting stars,

Southern Cross, crick in neck.

Misty mornings, clenched-fist sun

Then extending fingers, feeling their way

through gumtrees lining the gates of dawn.

Sunday morning bush-worship-service,

God honoured, His Word read,

Proclaimed and applied,

His congregation blessed. Amen!

Packed pack is on my back,

Face set for home,

About to decamp when “ratatatat”,

Enemy with bad-timing and poor manners,

Departure delayed, but dust settles,

Soon I’m off and running!

Nine hours travelling by bus,

Air-con broken, thirty degrees outside,

Steamed-up windows! Is the heater on?

At last, civilization, elation,

McDonalds and a coffee? Yes please!

Back on bus, Kindle reading, day-dreaming,

Sugarcane on the left, cattle on the right,

Hot bitumen underneath,

Gumtrees flashing by,

Hills rolling away into the distance,

Pastel clouds on sky-blue sky,

Sun sparkling on a river

As we speed across a bridge,

A lonely kingfisher stares

Into the clear water from a log.

Well irrigated orchard, all lush and green,

Mangoes, oranges, then fields of pineapples.

A crow pecks at some roadkill,

As cars, caravans and trucks

Flash into then out of view.

Going home, wife, daughters

Grandchildren, comfy chair,

Shower, Guinness, clean sheets.

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