Sunday, February 28, 2016

America, My Big Brother

When I went to high school it was handy to have a big brother a couple or three years ahead of me. He was my protection against the inevitable school bullies. When he left I was beat up many times and also had to run the gauntlet past bullies waiting for me at the school gate at school closing time. I have been sucker-punched in the mouth, kicked in the face as I was dragged around the playground by the hair, had gangs of boys throw bricks at me as I fled for my life. One is left very vulnerable at high school after one’s big brother leaves!

America is the rest of the West’s big brother. However, America left us on our own seven years ago. Many Americans (as do many Westerners) want our big brother back. The world’s playground presently is being overrun by bullies. Western free-speech has been eroded by Saul Alinky’s Rules For Radicals – whereby any opposing voices to the ideology of the (Socialistic) Progressives is met with cries such as Homophobic! Racist! Islamophobic! Climate denier! etc. Honest conversation is thus shut down and any and all dissenters to the Progressive’s utopian dreams is demonized.
Enter Donald Trump. He may very well become the next president of the United States. Why? Because we love him? No! Because we hate what America has become over the last seven years – weaker, broker, and hardly distinguishable from those mediocre European Socialistic countries that are legion.
No one owns Donald Trump! No one tells Donald Trump what not to say! In other words, he cannot be bought, and he cannot be told to shut up – no matter how much his opposition apply Alinsky’s ad hominem principles of demonizing your opponent by spin and lies. Trump is anti-establishment Republican in the sense that the Republican movement repeatedly has failed to deliver on its promises over the last seven years.
It would be nice if the West could get its big brother back. The world would be much more safe than it is presently. Trump exudes success, from economic success to success in standing up to bullies, be they individuals or nations...         

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