Sunday, May 24, 2015


The Republic of Ireland voted in favour of changing its constitution in order to permit same-sex or homosexual marriage. The people have spoken! Democracy lives in Ireland! However, is the redefining of marriage a wise thing?

Apparently 4% of the Irish population identify themselves as either homosexual/lesbian or bisexual. Sure, the figure may be more due to some wishing not to disclose their sexual preferences but the figure certainly includes homosexuals who are against redefining marriage.  

Be that as it may, but what was wrong with the definition that marriage is between one man and one woman forever (i.e., till death) that the Irish now wish to change it? Well, apparently the Irish wish to bring in “marriage equality,” suggesting that somehow marriage has been unequal up till now. The idea is that if two men or two women “love” each other then they should be allowed to enter into holy matrimony.

The Roman Catholic Church (which is big but waning in Ireland) considers marriage to be one of its seven sacraments. Therefore, this new definition of marriage cannot be incorporated into its Church dogma without papal authority. If we remember this is a church that, for example, without Biblical authority tells its priests that they cannot marry then we will understand that perhaps it may be swayed by public opinion. However, for Biblical Christians the issue is simple. The question is: Is same-sex marriage Biblical? In other words, does God’s Word teach that marriage is only between one man and one woman forever? Of course it does! And there is the rub. Jesus in Matthew 19:3-6 by referring us to Adam and Eve in Genesis 1 and 2 is clearly teaching us that marriage is between only mature males and mature females.

To be sure those who do not care what the Bible says about marriage do not care if two people of the same sex get hitched. Some people may be indifferent on this issue. However, those who voted in Ireland have consciously and unequivocally voted to endorse and promote homosexuality in their society. Is this a good thing? What does the Bible say?

The Bible takes a scientific or empirical approach and calls homosexual acts ‘unnatural.” So that you do not miss what the Bible teaches about homosexual acts consider the following: Someone once said, “A square peg in a round hole may be possible with a bit of force – but it is ugly!” Homosexual “marriage” endorses sodomy and buggery and other unnatural acts. And for the record God forbids such unnatural actions between husbands and wives.  

Some may conclude that what two consenting adults (two males or two females) do in private is their business but the whole of the voting public of Ireland have made it their own personal business. The majority has voted to redefine marriage to include what the Bible describes as something unnatural (e.g., Romans 1). That is Ireland’s prerogative as a sovereign state. But is it wise? The Bible says it isn’t. However, the people of Ireland have spoken.

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