Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Biggles Meets Bond

Having grown up in the same Scottish town on the same bonnie, bonnie banks as the story's likeable hero I was therefore more than interested in reading this short novel. Set immediately prior to WWII the tale taxies down the runway and takes off at a fairly fast-pace with its Biggles meets Bond main character confidently at the controls. Its fictional storyline is almost believable, though its ending is perhaps a wee bit too predictable. However, had the author not brought this adventurous yarn in for a landing the way I was eagerly anticipating and hoping (nay, begging!) he would, I would have shot him down in flames myself and wanted my money back! I am pleased to say that I was uplifted! Hugh Wilson had me soaring, even looping-the-loop, in Caledonian Skies! Well done!

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