Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tristan Rescues the Girl with Golden Hair

“Granddad,” said Tristan with a concerned look on his face. “I need to swim out to ‘Pirate Island!’”


“Why? What’s wrong?” asked the boy’s grandfather.



“The pirates have got Lanna!”


“Do you mean Lanna, the girl with golden hair?” asked the little boy’s grandfather, looking worried too.


“Yes, grandad. The pirates have her!” he said excitedly.

“Well, Tristan. If you are going to swim all the way over to ‘Pirate Island’ I had better keep an eye on you.” Granddad loved his little Tristan and did not want anything to harm him.

“Don’t worry, granddad. I’ll be careful. I’ll just scare any sharks and stinging jellyfish away! I got stung by a jellyfish before and I didn’t even cry!”

“You’re so brave, Tristan!” said his grandfather with an approving smile.

“And I’m not scared of those pesky pirates that have got Lanna either!” Tristan could be so bold at times!

So, off they swam to ‘Pirate Island’ to rescue the girl with golden hair. Tristan’s grandfather was keeping a close eye on his grandson. Tristan swam with all his might.


Tristan arrived at ‘Pirate Island’ first. His grandad offered to help Tristan climb up the rocks and onto the island but Tristan said, “It’s okay grandad. I can manage myself!” Tristan could be so independent at times.


Soon they were on the island. Tristan said to his grandfather, “Grandad, you stay here and I’ll go and rescue Lanna from those pesky pirates.”

Tristan walked up to the pirates and said, “Do you have any treasure?”

“No!” they replied.

“Then what are you trying to hide under your foot?” he asked bravely.

“There’s nothing but sand under my foot,” replied the pirate.

 Tristan had a plan. He pointed his finger and said, “What’s that over there?” The pesky pirates turned their heads to see what Tristan was pointing at. When they were looking the other way Tristan grabbed the girl with golden hair and ran away with her. When the pirates turned back to see what had happened it was too late. Tristan had rescued Lanna!

“Okay!” said one of the pesky pirates. (It was really Tristan’s grannie! and the other 'pirate' was his mum!) “It’s time for ice-cream. Tristan, I’ll swim back to shore with you.”

So off they went, Tristan swimming as fast as he could. Tristan loves ice-cream!



And they all lived happily ever after. THE END.

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  1. Tristan wants to know what happened next?