Saturday, August 6, 2011

“Killers for Christ” or Bricks for Brains?

Killers for Christ is the title of an article written by the leftist zealot Phillip Adams in The Weekend Australian Magazine (August 6-7, 2011).

In this article Adams tries to convince the reader that Anders Behring Breivik (the nutcase that killed all those people in Norway) is a Christian! Sure, we understand that sensationalism sells newspapers, but what about the moral responsibility that goes with it? Shouldn't the Australian magazine's editors have advised Adams not to publish such a hate article?
Adams in the article says, “But to deny Anders Behring Breivik’s links to historic or contemporary Christian fundamentalism is as ludicrous as atheists ignoring the vast brutalities of Mao and Stalin.”
Adams is an atheist, but Breivik is no Christian! To my knowledge Breivik nowhere claims to be a Christian in any of his written ramblings – and he has written much! See e.g.,

Indeed, like some in the West, Breivik prefers “Christianity” without Christ! By anyone's reckoning Christianity without Christ is not Christianity. And neither is anyone without Christ (such as are Breivik and Adams) a Christian!
Clearly Breivik does not want Christ. So what is Adams on about? Again, I think Adams is only being intentionally provocative to sell newspapers. But again, what about moral responsibility? Or doesn’t the atheist fundamentalist Adams believe in morals? Hasn’t the news media learned anything from the News of the World debacle in England?

A free press can only operate freely when it obeys the West's moral (i.e., Christian) code. Otherwise the people of these nations cannot trust anything their press writes.
Like the leftist zealot he is Adams tries very hard to draw associations between the loony Breivik and Christianity when Adams condescendingly says, “Yet when it turned out that the Norwegian assassin wasn't a Moslem fanatic but a Christian zealot Christians around the world, and particularly among the religious right in the US, would have none of it. Forget the cross on the cover of the killer's manifesto and the mystical nonsense about Christian Crusaders. He couldn't possibly be a real Christian. As pious patriot Bill O’Reilly put it on Fox News, Christians don't kill people.”
As with a cross on grave's headstone, a “cross on the cover” of a book of rants or a reference to “Christian Crusaders ” does not make a man a Christian. Only God can make a man a Christian, even Christ-hating men such as Adams!

Jesus says, “He that is not with Me is against Me” Matthew 12:30a.
In reference to the evil Breivik’s sinful act, Adams says, “Christians must speak out against such madness. Jesus would want it.”
It beats me how Adams thinks he knows what Jesus wants since he doesn't even know Jesus! But what all decent people must speak out against is the madness espoused by the loony leftist fundamentalists such as Adams. Christians appreciate the freedom of the press. It was Christianity that brought it to the West. But please, stop the hatemongering!

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