Saturday, December 5, 2009


(The photos are of a summer hailstorm in my backyard in Brisbane, Australia)

I must admit that I was warming ever so slightly to the possibility of "Global Warming" when my wife asked me if I had noticed that "they" no longer seemed to be calling it "Global Warming" but were now calling it "Climate Change".

I guess the term "Climate Change" is a lot more encompassing than "Global Warming". For example, if the January temperature at the corner of Portage & Main in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada drops anywhere below the usual minus 40-degrees then it safely can be attributed to "Climate Change". Brilliant!

Mind you, now that I'm on to "their" scheming (as alluded to in "their" spin-doctoring use of terminolgy) I'm cooling off somewhat in regard to "their" notion of "Global Warming". And then came "Climategate"...

No doubt the Climate Status Quo deniers and sceptics will see the East Anglia University e-mails as inadmissable evidence in this whole "scientific" debacle regarding the earth's climate. But regardles of how the irrefutable evidence was obtained, it is the smoking gun!

"Climate Change" scientists using data to make it say whatever they want it to say? This is right up there with that other great "scientific" slight of hand, ie, the molecules to man Theory of Evolution! The latter was and still is the slippery slope to the former.

Okay, so you may disagree with the connection I'm drawing between the "sciences" of Evolutionary Theory and that of the Climate Changers, but both are desperate to make their "evidence" fit their pet theories. That's unscientific in my book! (- in anyone's book!)

Britain's Prime Minister, Gordon Brown is calling those scientists who have not jumped on the "Global Warming" bandwagon, "Flat Earthers". This also is unscientific. One should not mix leftist politics with science!
It seems to me that two things were going on:
1) It was being touted as a fact that the global temperature was increasing.
2) It was being touted as a fact that the (supposed) global warming is man made.

It's unscientific to call theories facts. It's also unscientific to ban peer reviews of those who disagree with the theory (as is the case in regard to the molecules to man Theory of Evolution and now with the Theory of Climate Change).

Oh well, I was nearly warming to the idea of "Global Warming" (but still had a long way to go to embrace the idea that it was man made). But that's all fallen by the way now. I'm now back at square one: Climate Status Quo.

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