Friday, March 23, 2018

Does Atheism Presuppose God Does Not Exist?

Does Atheism presuppose God does not exist? (From my wee eBook Why I Am Not An Atheist)

To say that Atheism believes that God does not exist is to acknowledge that Atheism is a system of belief. By “system of belief” we mean that the Atheist lives his life as if God does not exist. Therefore, Atheism is a life and worldview which is based on the belief that God does not exist.

Atheism tells the Christian that it just believes in one less God than him. So, is it Atheism’s belief in no-God versus Christianity’s belief in one God? Hardly! For Christianity is not defending belief in gods. Nor is it defending belief in a god. Rather Christianity is defending belief in the triune God as revealed in Scripture and in creation. It is this God that Atheism rejects.

On what grounds then does Atheism reject the triune God? Is the lack of physical evidence a good place to start? Wait! If we are agreed that Atheism believes that God does not exist then does not this make the providing evidence to the Atheist for God’s existence a waste of time? Yes! Because it is the business of the Atheist to reject all evidence for God! God does not fit into the life and worldview of the Atheist. Therefore let us not waste our time with evidence!

At this point the Christian is reminded of the words Jesus said to Nicodemus, “If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?” John 3:12.

Christianity says to Atheism that God is Spirit and therefore cannot be seen with the naked eye. Jesus used descriptions of the wind to illustrate this. Only its effects can be seen and heard. Atheism replies to the Christian by saying that there is no such thing as spirit. So, case closed? Far from it!

Another way to describe belief is prior assumption. Therefore both Atheism and Christianity are about presuppositions. Is there any evidence for God? Atheism: There is no evidence for God! Christianity: There is all kinds of evidence for God – including Atheism’s unbelief!

Summary: Atheism presupposes that God does not exist.

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