Thursday, February 2, 2017

Are Trump Supporters Saviors of Western Civilization?

Are Trump Supporters Saviors of Western Civilization?

I’m not here to defend Donald Trump. He’s a big boy and can take of himself. However, I fear for the West. President Trump is a real stick-in-the-spokes of the wheels of the Socialist/Progressive Utopia. The media (i.e., most of it), is the propaganda wing of this blight on Western civilization. Fake news IS propaganda, false propaganda. If all I did was watch fake news I fear that I’d become a Trump hater too!

Scotland has a beef against the mis-reporting (read “lies”) of the BBC, (see e.g., G. A. Ponsonby’s “London Calling”) during its famous Referendum. This is exactly how I see most of the media regarding President Trump. Fake! Spin! Lies! I just love the way Donald Trump pushes, nay, fights back. And so he should. Truth matters!

That’s where my personal interest lies, i.e., truth. It would be nice to get back to politics and the discussing of the same, aye, even heatedly, rather than listening to hysterical ranters who wouldn’t recognize truth if it held a door open for them!

President Trump gives Western Civilization at least some hope of survival. The Left’s (conscious or unconscious) attempt at collapsing the system (i.e., Western Democracy) has itself collapsed on itself (for the moment).

Dialectic Materialism, with its Thesis, Antithesis and resultant Synthesis has been stalled by the people who elected Donald Trump. In other words, the Thesis is Capitalism. The Antithesis is Communism. And the hoped for resultant collapse of Capitalism would have been the Synthesis, i.e., Socialist Utopia, wherein, for the sale of your soul, the Government takes care of you cradle to grave. Simplistic analysis?

Sure, this is a simplistic view of the Marxist Movement. But why complicate things? Western Democracy (including America) was on the verge of destruction by the Left, through its (Alinskian) demonizing and shouting-down anyone who did not hold its ideology. Many non-Lefties were afraid to speak their minds, lest they be vilified, thereby losing their jobs, business for businesses, etc.

Thank God for the privacy of the ballot-box, whereby those that the Political Correctness Movement had silenced, were given voice. In this instance ye olde Edmund Burke adage rang true, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Good people voted. Democracy!

The press is the propaganda-wing of the Left. That is why President Trump (initially) bypasses the press by Tweeting his statements directly to his audience. News straight from the horse’s mouth is better than it first going through the press’s centrifuge. In other words, Trump-tweets take the spin out of his comments!

The electing of Donald Trump as President of the United States, (i.e., the big brother of the rest of the West) gives hope to the survival of Western Civilization, including Australia. Just as the British Broadcasting Corporation was sprung for all its blatant and outright lying to the Scots, to sway them towards retaining the status quo Establishment in its Referendum, so the rest of the Western media, (the ABC in Australia etc., CNN, MSNBC, CBS et al in America) have been weighed in the scales of justice and have been found to be wanting!

Freed from the shackles of a media that was shackled to Leftist ideology, such as Political Correctness, demonizing that which does not hold to Leftist ideology, we can now once more start talking about and debating issues.

Those speaking in favor of the issue? Say your piece. Those against? Let’s hear you. We’ve sufficiently discussed the issue, now let's put it to a vote. All those in favor? Against if any? The ayes (or the nays) have it. Thus, Western Democracy (but not Alt-Left ideology).

Marxism, just like Militant Islam, is a square peg in a round hole. Neither fits into Western Democratic nations. Sure, they can be forced in with a hammer (and sickle or scimitar), but its end result is ugly, not utopia!

Marxism has an aversion to private property and private ownership. Ultimately this translates into an aversion of national borders. Likewise, Militant Islam doesn’t believe in borders either. It wants to turn the whole earth into a Caliphate!

I for one, am thankful that Lefty politics gave Donald Trump the presidency! Perhaps the Left will get back to working with the right (instead of against it) to build a better Western Civilization, nation by nation, in which people are free as individuals under law, and free from needless government interference and intrusion, which interference and intrusion would be the case if we lived in the fabled Utopia of the Progressives/Socialists.

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