Sunday, November 13, 2016

Political Correctness & Donald Trump

The Trump phenomenon which resulted in his (surprising to many) political success is due to the backfiring of the Left’s demonization (see e.g., Saul Alinski’s Rules for Radicals) of the Republican candidate. For the Left (and some other Progressives) the general plan of attack is that you do not engage your opponent in discussing the “issues” but simply attack them by shouting him/her down by calling them names – Racist, misogynist, Islamophobe, homophobe, bigot etc., etc. Thus, like acid being thrown in a person’s face, or turning a blowtorch on him/her, your opponent is inundated and blasted with vitriolic hate and hatred. Make no mistake, to demonize your opponent is to spread hate. This is supposed to set every “decent” person against your “sub-human” adversary. Trump’s success is due to grass-roots people seeing the vacuity of this.

The more the media and the rest of Trump’s opponents used these devious and ominous tactics and devices to try to belittle and demonize him (along with his “basket of deplorables”) the more his support-base expanded and increased, leading to winning the election for him. Thus the Political Correctness Movement accomplished Trump’s presidency for him. How so? To labour the point, “the boy who cried wolf” springs to mind. When you keep on yelling “fire” when and where there is no fire people will switch off and stop listening to you. Anyone can check for themselves whether a thing is a fact or merely spin – by going to the primary source of the story and not relying on secondary sources like the media, for example. Or you can just sheepishly and naively accept what others say about their opponent.

The bad news of the demonization-tactic is that, not only does your opponent get falsely smeared, but so do many others. The resultant collateral damage (of the failure of trying to demonize your opponent by false and/or way-over-the-top accusations) is that some people will inevitably believe the lies and use them to further their own ends – from bullying in the classroom to mass anarchistic riots in city streets where people are injured and property is destroyed.

Political Correctness hadn’t/hasn’t been thought through enough…          

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