Monday, November 30, 2009


The westerly breeze seemed to bring wave after wave of darkness over a land wearied with the day. With relentless onslaught the shadows beat back the forces of light till every knoll and hollow was engulfed with the murky ignorance of darkness.

The moon was new. She had yet to realize her full potential as queen of the night sky. However, the stars beckoned each to his neighbour like angels.

Rising from the earth, like a citadel sacked by infidel was a fortress of stone. This bastion once commanded the respect of the village below. Tonight it seemed prostrate before the enemy of day as it poured through its arched window.

Resembling a network of sinews and veins there wandered sap-sucking ivy over the walls of this remnant of an age of fast horses and fair maidens. The roof of the structure had since caved in. However, its foundations had been set deep. Beneath ground level, though dank and musty, was a functional dungeon that had shackled and contained the spirit of youthful immortality. Children from the village believed the “Grim Reaper” has set up his office within these walls.

Perhaps it was the reflection of street lamps from the village below, but there seemed to emanate from the grey brick an ethereal glow. Viewed from the village the castle poked its head and shoulders heavenward through ever-encroaching trees and undergrowth. This produced a picture of surrealism.

By this time the stars in the heavens above were busy shining down through the interior of this roofless building, blinking furiously as if trying to attract the attention of the two sets of eyes staring their way. A pair of darkly clad figures sat with their backs against the cold castle wall gazing beyond the stars... (Excerpted from Castle Cranium.)

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