Monday, October 19, 2009


Arguably the Westernized nations are testimony to the success of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To cut the long story short, the freedoms we enjoy in the West came about after the Christianization of these nations. (An oversimplification, yes, but nevertheless true!) To be sure, some Western nations were/ still are more Christianized than others, but clearly the leaven of Christianity, ie, Biblical teaching, has permeated the West.

This is to say that God’s Ten Commandments along with the right spirit for keeping them are the foundations upon which Western societies are built. Loving God and others as yourself, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, is the application of God’s Law in the West.

However, God’s Ten Commandments for a lawful society are now being shunned by some in favour of a plethora of rules and regulations belonging to Secular Humanism – a movement which is trying very hard to assert itself in the West. Eg. in America they’ve been dragging out all reference to God’s Ten Commandments from Law Courts etc. In place of God’s Law, as a cat drags a dead animal into the house, so the Trojan Horse of Secular Humanism has been dragged into many American Institutions. Multitudes of blood-sucking, life draining maggots of death are pouring forth!

In the West we are losing our Gospel Freedoms to big government red tape. The West has now entangled itself in the sticky web of Political Correctness. The spider of thought-control is injecting its venom into and numbing the minds of the many peoples. Marxism is the new opiate of the masses!

Now people cannot be trusted to do the right thing, ie, no Gospel Freedoms. Now, we are being treated like little kids again: No Running, No Smoking, No Swearing, No Foods, No Drinks, No Tee-shirts, No This, No That, No the Next Thing! No, No, No. No… Rules, rules, and yet more rules! Oh, the burden is too great to bear! Bring back the TEN (10) Commandments and please get rid of all your millions of rules!

Neo-Darwinists, such as Richard Dawkins have the freedom to say what they like about Christians and the Triune God. Muslims also get to blaspheme Christ and the Triune God also with impunity. Yet, as soon as Christians say anything about neo-Darwinism we are ridiculed, expelled from science class, and made to sit in detention with the loony fringe! Any Muslim who hears the Good News of Jesus Christ, repents and believes it, becomes the target of death threats, if not death itself at the hands of a group of people who allege that Islam is a religion of peace!

Bring back the Gospel Freedoms that we in the West used to enjoy before those people started using their freedoms as licence to de-Christianize the West.

Islam sees the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle, pornography, prostitution, etc. as Christianity’s failure in the West. However, in many ways, when you really think about it, these things, although debauched in themselves, are evidence of the Gospel’s success! The West simply has to learn that with Gospel Freedom there also comes Gospel Responsibility. Just because we have the freedom to do a thing doesn’t make that thing the right and good thing to do!

God’s Ten Commandments and all their applications in Family, Church, and State keep us on the right track. So let’s get back to the Gospel Freedoms we once had. Otherwise Shariah Law (ie, Islamic law) will be the order of the day for the West (ie, for those who haven’t lost their heads!)

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